Nilens jord








3D visualisation

Furniture that can be adapted over time

In collaboration with Nilens Jord, MODUS has designed and developed a new furniture concept. The goal was to create furniture for Nilens Jord's products, where the brand's DNA is clearly stated in the design. Nilens Jord's values ​​are sharply reflected - in the form of clean and allergy-friendly products of Scandinavian origin.


The furniture consists of various systems and sizes that are already in use in Salling, Matas and Matas Natur.

Over time, the furniture can be adapted - with the possibility of replacing the individual tray systems. Such a solution means that new products, replacement of assortment, campaigns, etc. can be easily adjusted.

The furniture has space for an easy do-it-yourself warehouse, more than 150 test products and many other functions - which make it easier for the customer to shop. The furniture is also made of FSC-certified oak.

MODUS has - in addition to design - handled production maturation and production.

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