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Do you believe in development, but just don't have the economy nor the time to participate - and keep yourself updated by attending fairs, inspirational trips and conferences?


Haven't you found the time to read the newest books - and gather all the information, that is necessary to keep you sharp?


By attending our presentations, you keep yourself updated. 


Your brand, store, chain or employee will be empowered with new energy and tools.


Our presentation costs approximately DKK 9,000 ex VAT - the price depends on the content and on your requests. 


Please call us, and we provide you with further information.


From thought to action


At MODUS, our goal is to create growth and added value for our clients. 


For us, it is of key importance, that you work with and act on the knowledge, inspiration and - not least - the challenges, you stand in front of.


A good example is the situation with COVID-19. You are now forced to rethink everything, and design innovative solutions for your business.


If you participate in our in-house workshop, you get access to a wide range of tools for idea development and other improvements - that you can carry out afterwards.


With MODUS as an off-site facilitator, you don't have to think about the planning of the event. At the same time, you are forced to think of new and constructive ideas. 


We guarantee you, that participants are provided with new and constructive initiatives - and left with the energy and desire to make a difference.


MODUS will plan the size and approach of the workshop, based on your specific needs and requests.