We care for people and successful results

MODUS A/S was established in 1993, on the basis of a management buyout from Bang & Olufsen. Pernille Bruun took over MODUS in 2014, after Niels Bugge.


It all began with Apple Computers Inc…

From design to implementation 

For 25 years, we have converted knowledge into growth - and it all started with Apple Computers throughout entire Europe. 


Ever since, MODUS has worked with conceptual design and implementation.


We’ve helped many big, Danish chains and brands, with creating solutions - that show their worth on the bottom line.  


MODUS began its journey with Apple Computers. Today, our values are still the same - with people in focus.

In 2020, big brands continue to select us. Our collaboration with Airbnb only just testifies, that we at MODUS have never been affraid of dreaming big - on the contrary.