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2D + 3D visualization

concept development

Furnishing of the Jack & Jones Campus

Innovative campus with rooms within rooms

Interior design and concept for Campus Bestseller within the brand. Here you can see the Jack & Jones employee training facilities, where the interior is made with a lot of space in the room, created by walls and floors which are made of wooden slats. The wooden slats make up 3.5 km.

The interior design consists of everything from specially designed furniture, fittings, windows and shop environments. Everything is made 1:1, to create the optimal framework for the brand's DNA and employees who fly in to be trained in visual merchandising.

Omnichannel for the Jack & Jones store concept

New interaction between the customer and the store through the interior design

Omni-channel, a project for Jack & Jones, consisted of customized jeans - where the customer himself stood in the store and designed his new jeans.

The concept, "Designed by you, crafted in Italy", created a link between online trade and offline sales, where the customer could also design from home. We created a new interaction between the customer and the store, which gave the customer a whole new experience in the store.

The initiative resulted in a lot of publicity on the web, where influencers shared their designs. The solution also increased the flow of customers in the stores, where people were keen to try out the new concept.

The holistic approach to the customer's journey - from inspiration to purchase - is one of many measures within strategic design, which is among the core competencies of MODUS., MODUS A/S, Retail design, interior design help, interior architect, inventory, interior designer, store design, store interior, store concept, interior design, furniture designer, store furniture, office interior, floor plan, interior design company, exhibition design, showroom, shop in shop, concept development, design company, production of fixtures, interior design solutions, chain concept, podium, counter, display, store interior design, interior design, help with store interior design, help with office interior design, help with interior design. Design of counter, development of flag signs, design of shop tables, shop stand, workspace, shop interior design, interior design, interior, design
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