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Jack & Jones Campus





3D visualisation

Innovative campus 

Interior design and concept for Campus Bestseller. Here you can see Jack & Jones' employee training facilities, where the decor is made with a lot of space in the room, created by walls and floors which are made of wooden slats. (the wooden slats make up 3.5 km in total)

The decor consists of everything from custom designed furniture, fixtures windows and shop environments. Everything is made in 1: 1, to create the optimal framework for the band's DNA and employees who fly in to be trained in visual merchandising., MODUS A/S, Retail design, indretningshjælp, indretningsarkitekt, inventar, indretnings designer, butiksdesign, butiksindretning, butiks koncept, inventar design, møbeldesigner, butiksmøbler, kontorindretning, plantegning, inventarfirma, messe design, showroom, shop in shop, konceptudvikling, design virksomhed, produktion af inventar, Indretnings løsninger, kæde koncept, podie, disk, display, indretning af butik, design af inventar, hjælp til butiksindretning, hjælp til kontorindretning, hjælp til indretning. Design af disk, udvikling af flagsign, design af butiksborde, butiks stativ, workspace, butiksindretning, interiordesign, interior, design
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