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+45 61 30 18 64

Skarøvej 7, 8600 Silkeborg

By appointment

CVR: 17539833

Pernille Bruun

Creative director and owner

+45 61 30 18 64


Retail designer / Interior designer

+45 30 93 98 00

Retail designer & Project Manager

Retail design, interior design, store design, shop interior, store concept, furniture design, shop furniture, office decor, floor plan, showroom, shop in shop, concept, design company, chain concept, podium, counter, display, shop interior design, shop decor, office decor, architect drawing, 2D drawing, 3D drawing, sketchup, brainstorm, moodboard, technical drawings, custom drawings, production drawings, interior, shop visits, store check, re-design, successful spaces, brand DNA, brand management, space management, visual merchandising, strategy and knowledge, strategy design, retail solutions, customer flow, customer behavior, lighting, consumer behavior, trend, trendspotting, total contract, online vs. offline, retail blog, retail news, 360 degree retail, the future of retail, mega trends, omni channel, MODUS A / S,, retail designers, Riis Retail, Expedit

Chairman of the board

+45 20 28 03 06



Get a free and non-binding value offer.

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Get direct ideas and initiatives that can create growth. 

Based on exactly your company, we will devise a free and non-binding offer,

which you can use for a new design solution.

Fill out the form and we will contact you for more information about your project.

You will then receive a specific offer for a solution.

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