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3D visualisation

Project management



Link between online shopping and the experience in the physical store

MODUS has designed Aalborg's largest children's clothing store for, as they have chosen to expand the online store with a physical store of 400m2.

The desire was to develop a decor that caters to the different age groups. At the same time, the idea of ​​creating inspiring environments, a good customer flow and optimized product exposure has not been compromised - it must be easy and fun to shop.

By using standard furniture, combined with a bit of special furniture, we have created a concept that embraces the brand image that wants. We have designed based on the wishes, requirements and financial framework that were set.

In addition, various solutions have been implemented in the store - in the form of the opportunity for online shopping, chat support, "hang out area" for the young people, playground, and a screened area for new parents.

MODUS has also been responsible for the design, project management, production and implementation of the store.

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Increase in sales after the new design

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