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Concept development

3D visualization

Project management 

Total contract

Development of a new store concept for the world's largest yarn stores. 

MODUS has developed an agile store concept for the yarn company Hobbii, which must tie their online and offline universes together. In addition to developing a new concept, the first 2 stores with the new concept have already opened abroad. Here MODUS has been responsible for the total contract. 

The concept is specially designed and optimized via space management principles, which create a better overview and inspiration for the customer as well as additional layers for the brand. The concept has gone from static furniture to some more intelligent furniture, which can link the online and offline channels together - without it costing extra.
The concept is scalable, as it is built with "bricks" and the stores can therefore scale the concept as needed.

The store concept was created with a focus on inspiring customers for their new crochet/knitting projects. Therefore, there has been a focus on creating yarn universes where the customer is guided and inspired by free recipes and knitted examples. 
In the stores' large workshop area 'Garnhulen', there is space for workshops and customer events. There is also space for customers to sit down with their creative projects in an immersion area in-store, where they can get help with new or ongoing projects. 

The concept now forms the basis for a number of inspiring stores at home and abroad with a cozy experience area.  

We get compliments from our customers almost daily for the stores new physical 

space. The customers loves that there's room 

for them in several ways. It just gives a something "a little ekstra" that you can't find anywhere else. 

-​ Anna Knøsgaard, store manager at Luksusbaby

We chose MODUS as a collaboration partner,
because they don't just supply shops and furnishings.
They take responsibility and dare to challenge us with a strategic approach to interior design that binds
the online and offline universe together.

Jesper Strom

CRO, Hobby

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