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Luxurious hybrid house is designed to make people happy


The doors are now open to Lars Larsen Group's new futuristic hybrid house in Silkeborg. The interior offers excitement with extravagant supercars, padel competitions and challenges in the training area. 

The 12,000 m² former technical school of has been completely renovated and is now the home of both luxurious leasing cars, padel matches and body treatments. The house has been furnished and decorated with innovative elements and exclusive furniture in an exciting collaboration between Lars Larsen Group, the design company MODUS and Laban Architects.

Inside, the layout of the new environment has been designed with special consideration for the experiences of luxury, well-being and action of the guests.

"The house on Kejlstrupvej has turned out exactly as we imagined. It is designed to create a place where especially guests and employees get a sense of pride and confidence, as they walk in the door” quote Pernille Bruun, Creative director and owner of the interior design company MODUS A/S.

MODUS always works strategically, based on the brand's values, when decorating and designing - regardless of if it is a meeting room, a reception or a showroom. Users should not only feel welcome. They should also know how the place is designed for them, with opportunities for meaningful interactions and special experiences.

The light in the large rooms needs the contrasts from the exclusive interior style, which at the same time radiates luxury and credibility. At the same time, innovative social elements have been added in the form of, for example, a steel slide and well as bar areas that create cozy nooks in the interior layout.

Both the office interior and the rest of the house's interior are now being tested by the visitors, who create new experiences in the innovative setting at Kejlstrupvej 87 in Silkeborg


Kejlstrupvej 87 in Silkeborg is owned by the Brunsborg family (Lars Larsen Group) and now home to Selected Car Group, Institute Thomey and Match Padel Silkeborg


Modus A/S has been at the forefront of design, project management and implementation of both reception, office interior, indoor and outdoor bars, slide with built-in lounge furniture, flexible sales furniture, waiting areas etc.


For more information about the project, contact Pernille Bruun, Creative director and owner of the interior design company MODUS A/S. / +45 61301864 /


More pictures can be sent on demand. MODUS owns all rights to the images ©. 
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