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You're probably thinking that a shop can't shout at anyone. But your shop actually speaks every day and sometimes it shouts really loudly. You may not be able to hear it yourself, but your customers hear it every day.

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When the customers become fewer, visitors less frequent and the days longer, it may be because your shop has been shouting for a long time. A cry that your customers translate by staying away. Your store communicates with your customers, and its language is an important factor in whether your customers have a good or bad experience in your store.

The store communicates through the visual expression, customer flow, experience and the overall concept of the store. Therefore, every time you make a change, you should always consider the store's communication channels.

You might want to ask yourself the following next time:

• Who is my customer?

• Why do they shop with me?

• How do I want my customers to experience my store?

• How do I ensure that my customers visit me again?

• How can my store and I speak the same language?

Learning a new language can be difficult, especially if there is no one to guide, guide and teach you. At MODUS, we have specialized in understanding, listening and translating the language your store speaks.

Do you have doubts about your store and you speak the same language? Then MODUS will be happy to help and translate.

At MODUS, we have carried out store checks in both pharmacists, the Garant chain and interior and fashion stores. A store check gives you a "temperature measurement" of the store's appearance and we help you create an overview of where you need to pay extra attention and what the next step is for you.Read more about shop checks here:


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