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Focal points are used to guide customers around stores, and you can

that way affect where and how they move around.

Focal points can be an in-store display, a decoration or POS material, as long as it is something that catches the eye. The first focal point you encounter will often be a window decoration, or a decoration that is placed just inside the door and can be seen from the outside.

These must help to get the customer into the store, and once they are inside, the focal points must help guide the customer all the way around the store. Window decorations and focal points are often built around a theme such as

is pervasive throughout or larger areas of the store.

Focal points must be strategically distributed around the store, and placed so that customers' eyes naturally fall on them, for example at the end of an aisle, so that people are drawn towards them.

They are often placed so that they create a zigzag pattern down through the store,

or start from the right side of the shop and go counter-clockwise around. That way

one guided the customers around the store and to the checkout.

In addition to guiding customers around the store, they must also be inspiring and help customers find the product categories they are looking for.

They can also create life in "dead" zones of the store. With the help of a visual eye-catcher, you can create more traffic to these areas.

But focal points are not something you can just make once, decorations on these points need to be replaced often, and sometimes it may also be necessary to place them in new places. In this way, you ensure that there is always something new and exciting to look at, and this is important in a time when we are constantly exposed to new impressions.


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