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Using plants in an interior design has more advantages than you might think.

Several studies show that humans instinctively want to be connected to nature, just like our ancestors. But today we spend most of our lives indoors, so we must therefore bring nature inside and make it part of our decor.

But what can plants do?

Reduce sick days and prevent stress

Studies show that having plants in a workplace can help reduce headaches, colds, flu and prevent stress. In this way, plants contribute to lower sickness absence among employees.

Improve the indoor climatePlants also help to improve the indoor climate, especially some plants such as The peace lily and the golden vine are particularly good at converting CO2 into oxygen. In addition, plants can also help to increase the humidity to an optimal level.

Increases productivity

Research shows that plants can help to provide a healthier and more inspiring working environment, which has a positive effect on employees, who become more engaged and creative. A handful of plants in the interior can increase employee productivity by up to 15%.

Reduce the noise level

You can also use plants to reduce noise in a room. Some types of plants can be almost as sound-absorbing as a carpet. Moss and plant walls in particular can have a positive effect on the noise level in a room.

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